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Anime World | Top 10 Best Anime Series Populer Worldwide.


Hi, this is AMAN, and welcome to the article I am providing here, Anime World Details. So here I am providing the top 10 Best anime series worldwide. Are you ready to start on a journey to an empire of imagination, adventure, and emotion? Look no further, for you are about to step into the fascinating universe of anime – an energetic and diverse empire of animated storytelling that has captured the hearts of millions around the Anime World lovers.

In the world of anime, you’ll find stories that transport you to faraway galaxies, introduce you to lovable characters with incredible powers, and challenge your perceptions of reality. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping battles, heartwarming friendships, or explorations of the human psyche, anime has something for everyone.

Naruto/ Naruto Shippuden

The Story revolves around a young Ninja named Naruto Uzumaki, whose dream is to become the Hokage of his village, the Hidden Leaf in order to earn respect & recognition from villagers.

The first part tells about Naruto Uzumaki’s childhood struggles and how he managed to live on his own. He always wanted to seek attention because everyone ignored him. However, Naruto faces challenges due to being the host of the Nine-Tails Fox Spirit, a dangerous creature that attacked his village years ago.

“Naruto Shippuden” is the next part of the “Naruto” series, following the journey of Naruto Uzumaki after a two-and-a-half-year time gap. The series shows Naruto’s growth, his relationships with other characters, and the challenges he faces as he strives to protect his village and bring his friend Sasuke Uchiha back from the darkness. Later, he became the Hokage, and the villagers started considering him a Hero of the village.

How did he achieve his goal? What were the challenges he overcame to become the Saviour of the village? I would highly recommend you guys watch this masterpiece. Here is the masterpiece for you guys that Anime World has provided, and I suggest you watch this anime series.

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Attack on Titan

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The story follows a teenage boy Eren Yeager who vows to assassinate the Titans are the ones who killed his family and destroyed his hometown ( Shiganshina ). Paradise This incident changed his life.

Paradise Island was surrounded by three huge walls. He wanted to win back the Freedom that had been taken from them due to fear of the Titans. Eran and his friends shared the same dream.

  • This Anime contains a total of 4 seasons, Each consisting of 12 episodes.
  • If you want to watch cheak “ATTACK ON TITAN
  • It is a horror, Dark fantasy, and post-apocalyptic thriller.

This series gave us a wonderful message ” To never give up ” and “Instead of being afraid of the problems one should keep fighting and tackle the problems.

In this anime series, you watch how Earen Yeager becomes stronger to face their enemy. That’s why Anime World suggests you watch this anime series.

Death Note

Light Yagami, a genius high school student is the person around whom the story revolves. He found a mysterious notebook named "Death Note".

The book which belongs to Shinigami – ”A God of Death

And it grants its users the power to kill any person just by writing his name in the book. Light wants to create a crime-free society by killing criminals under the alias of a god-like named "KIRA".

Shinigami had dropped this book because he wanted to know how Mortals use it. If you want to see this type of series check the Anime World sites. Here we provide such an amazing

One Piece

It is the story of Monkey D.Luffy, a young man who only had one dream i.e. to find the legendary treasure known as the One Piece and become the King of the Pirates.

A lot of people have tried to find this treasure but failed. The treasure is located on the hidden island.

  • Massage-> “Freedom and Independence

It’s an ongoing series with more than #1053 episodes.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The series is about the adventures of two Alchemist brothers “Edward and Alphonse Elrie“. Who are in search of the Philosopher’s Stone in order to regain their bodies which have been lost by them in a failed attempt to bring their dead mother back to life.

Coasting Alphonse his entire body and Edwards his left leg. In order to keep his brother on Earth, Edward willingly sacrificed his right arm in exchange for his brother’s soul.

He bonded his soul to a suit of Armor. The brothers burned down their home so they could never follow that path and started a life of wandering until they got their original bodies.

  • This anime gave us a philosophy that one can’t gain anything without losing something first.
  • It consists of #64 episodes.

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball tells about the childhood of Son Goku. He was a Monkey-Tailed boy. On his journey, he was the search of seven wish-granting things, which look like, balls everyone called Dragon Balls. Goku also wants a wish he wants her grandpa to come back to life. He is also a good fighter.

Dragon Ball Z shows older Goku and the next generation of characters. Goku now has a kid named Gohan and after some time in the series, we see another kid named Goten. It is all about a true warrior and pure heart Saiyan.

Goku fights all over the enemy to protect the planet Earth, his family, and his friends. It’s a story about good or evil people In his journey Goku meets many people like Piccolo, Vegeta, Kerlin, etc. Piccolo and Vegeta are Willan when they meet Goku for the first time and how Goku change them with their pure heart.

Goku sacrifices many times in the series to save Earth, family, and friends. But using Dragon Balls he lives again and again. You watch that’s all things in anime series.

  • Dragon Ball #153 episodes
  • Dragon Ball Z #291 episodes

My Hero Academia

It is a Japanese superhero manga. Ezuku Hidoriya was born without powers in a world where 80% of people had them. He dreams of becoming a HERO.

Academies across the globe train students to fight crime with their powers. Due to no power, Izuka was bullied. But fate changes when he meets the no.1 hero ” All Might“. They give him a chance to become his successor and inherent one for all.

Although his hopes of becoming a top hero are now possible, once he gets enrolled, he finds out that becoming a hero is a lot more complicated than he thinks.

  • It’s a comedy adventure series with compares of total 6 seasons.

Tokyo Revengers

The story begins when Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old unemployed, finds out that his middle school girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, and her young brother Naoto were killed by a group named Tokyo Manji.

Takemichi was pushed in front of the drain and he teleports exactly 12 years back into the past to 2005. There he met Naota and told him the exact date he and Hinata would die. Just after shaking hands, Takemichi returns to the present. Now he found out that Naoto survived and is now a detective.

Whenever Takemichi and Naoto hold hands, Takemichi is transported 12 years into the past. Then he vows to save Hinata by using his knowledge from the future.

  • Will Takemichi Hanagaki be able to save Hinata or not?
  • What will he change in the past?

Well, this series had 2 seasons and it’s an ongoing series Season 3 is confirmed and will air in 2024.

Demon Slayer

This anime follows Tanziro Kamedo who wanted to become a Demon Slayer because he was slaughtered by demons and the only sole survivor of his family was his sister Nezuko who turned into a demon.

  • He set for training to become a powerful slayer in order to protect his friends and family.
  • It comprises a of total 3 seasons and contains 55 episodes.
  • It’s a quite popular series and the Anime World surely recommends you guys this series.

Will he be able to take revenge 4 to cure his sister? These are the questions that you can find answers to by watching this.


Ash Ketchum, a young boy from Pallet Town, gets a Pokemon to train from Professor Oak, the town’s foremost authority on Pokemon research.

Ash always had a dream of becoming the Pokemon Master. He got Pikachu as his Pokemon. Later on his journey, he met Broke and Misty. They all went on adventures in order to get badges from Gym Leaders. On the way, they captured many Pokemon.

This anime contains #1252 episodes across 26 seasons. It began in the year 1997 and is an ongoing series.

This is among the highly preferred series among other anime.

Anime World|Conclusion

We hope that our article has helped you guys to pick and watch anime. All of the above-mentioned series are considered as best and most popular. If you guys want more such content, then you can surely rely on Anime World. We are here only for you guys.

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