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Atomic Habits: No.1 Book Change Your Life

Atomic Habits conduct will reshape the manner in which you reflect on consideration for development and achievement and provide you with the tools and strategies you need to convert your conduct—whether you are a group looking to win a championship, an employer hoping to redefine an industry, or truly a man or woman who needs to quit smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, and attain success that lasts.

Atomic Habits

Atomic Habits is a self-help book. This book is written by James Clear, who has improved himself a lot with the help of the methods or ways that he mentions in this book.
He had written this book in order to help people who couldn’t change their habits or follow the ones they had decided to follow.

Atomic habits encourage the person to get better every day—not 100%, but just 1%—and you will eventually see results.
This book teaches simple rules to either create a good habit or break a bad one.
4 laws of behavior change are mentioned in Atomic Habits, which will eventually help one a lot. Let’s start with the very basics.
Basically, an atomic habit is a set of small habits that will eventually yield a big and excellent result.

Atomic Habits the 4 laws are:

1st law [CUE] means to make it obvious—just try to put more focus on the habits you want to pursue.
2nd law [GRAVITY] makes it attractive—usually, we find habits boring and don’t want to do them, so we should make slight changes to make them interesting.
3rd law [RESPONSE] makes it easy—our brain doesn’t want to do tasks that are difficult, so make the task easy in order to achieve it.
4th law [REWARDS] Make it satisfying—it is human psychology that human
performs better when there is a high rate of reward or price. The reward also helps the mind repeat the particular habit.
Now, as mentioned earlier, Atomic Habits also has ways to break a bad habit. In order to do that, one had to do the opposite of the above-mentioned methods, like not making it obvious, attractive, easy, or satisfying. Instead of rewards, put up a penalty for it. These things don’t need much effort; a little effort will do your work.
Now, if we look carefully, everything, whether to make a habit or break one, totally depends on human efforts. A strong will and dedication to your goal can help you achieve everything.
A lot of people have changed their habits with the help of ATOMIC HABITS. This book is worth reading for every age group because one can change habits at any age. Teenagers should give it a read.
Especially the 2-minute rule, which is the best one to follow,

Regarding this rule, James had said that whenever you start a new habit just start doing it only for 2 minutes in order to get used to it. And within no time, you will realize that this habit has become a part of your regular routine.

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If you guys find it interesting, then the link to the book is provided below.

Atomic Habits

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