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IKIGAI (No.1 Book For Beginers)

Do you like studying self-help books to benefit from insights into the exceptional methods of leading a satisfied and non-violent life? If yes, then the e-book ‘Ikigai: The Japanese Mystery to a Protracted and Happy Existence’ ought to be on your must-read list. Read directly to recognise why studying the Ikigai e-book can prove to be a brilliant concept.


The word IKIGAI is based on a Japanese concept. This book tells about the secret of the long and happy lives of people from Ogimi village.

The people who are known for their longer lives are satisfied with their lives because they have found their IKIGAI and are following it.
It is a self-help book. It will inspire you and make you feel comfortable.
The book is easy to understand and has a lot of practical solutions for people to apply in their daily lives. Various rules are mentioned for your help. Well, these bits of advice or solutions will lead you guys to a happy and healthy life.

It will help you find meaning in your life. This book will teach you a lot, and I hope that in the end, you guys will surely get an answer to how you want to spend your life.
The concept of IKIGAI means What is your purpose of being? and will give meaning and joy to every day.

IKIGAI is based on 4 elements:


These 4 elements carry questions with them, and once you find answers, you will find your IKIGAI.

[1] What do you love?
[2] What does the world need from you?
[3] What can you be paid for?
[4] What are you good at?
The answers to these questions will lead you to find the purpose of being here, the purpose of living, and, most importantly, the purpose of waking up every day.

It also teaches you to leave urgency behind and follow your passion.
It adds value and joy to your life.
It is sometimes defined as ”the secret to a happy life”.
A few rules are mentioned in this book for living a long and healthy life. Such as:
# Don’t retire early and remain active.
#Take it slow
#eat only 80% of food, instead of filling your stomach full
# Surround yourself with good friends
# Get in shape for your next birthday
#reconnect with nature
#give thanks
# live in the movement
# Follow your IKIGAI

The author of IKIGAI are Héctor García and Francesc Miralles. It was published in the year 2016. It is one of the international bestsellers. It was read by people across the world and was given a very good rating. IKIGAI book is surely recommended by us.
If you want to purchase the book for reading, then the link has been provided.

Insightful Ikigai book quotes:

The Ikigai e-book is complete with inspirational and insightful charges. a number of the satisfactory ones you can locate consist of

[1] “Our Ikigai is distinctive for anyone, however, one component we have that is not unusual is that we are all attempting to find that means.”
[2] “There’s no destiny, no past. There may be best the prevailing.”
[3] “Essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to like, and something to pray for.”
[4] “The keys to sturdiness are a weight loss program, a workout, locating a reason for existence (an Ikigai), and forming sturdy social ties.”
[5] “The whole lot can be taken from a person but one thing: the closing of the human freedoms—tto pick one’s mindset in any given set of instances.”

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